Who is Alina Bogdanova, aka Cindy Kournikova, AlDub’s Third Party Russian Model?

Meet Alina Bogdanova, aka Cindy Kournikova, who is now AlDub’s third party. Yes, this Russian model is the woman that Lola Baba (Alden Richards’ grandmother played by Ai-Ai delas Alas) wants for Alden, instead of Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza). But before you rush to Eat Bulaga’s Broadway studio to pull her hair, here’s some interesting things about her.

As part of Aldub Nation, you first heard Cindy’s name on the November 13 episode of Kalyeserye when Joey de Leon asked him about the woman that Lola Baba wants for Alden. That day, you saw Maine Mendoza showing her funny modeling skills with a long broomstick. And this Tuesday, November 17, Cindy Kournikova appeared at Eat Bulaga for the first time.

That day, Alina Bogdanova showed her modeling skills and spoke a few Tagalog lines. Apparently, the Russian model wants Alden to kiss and hug her but our Pambansang Bae hesitated. Lola Baba said she likes Alden to marry Cindy. As expected, there was a showdown between Maine Mendoza and Cindy. And yes, we think Maine was really jealous. 🙂

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First of all, Cindy is not a transgender woman. According to Alina Bogdanova’s Instagram account, she is a real Russian model and has been really working as a professional model in Asia for 3 years. She has worked in Chongqing, Istanbul, Shanghai, Jakarta and Manila. And yes, she’s much taller than Alden because she stands 6’3”. But the million peso question is, should Maine Mendoza be really jealous?

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This Wednesday, November 18, Cindy appeared at Broadway again but Lola Baba was not around. Maine and Cindy had a showdown again but our Pinay Dubsmash Queen is now more prepared. This time, Alden tried to hide from her but he later showed up. The Russian model insisted herself to Alden, but he told her that Maine is the only girl he likes to be with forever.

The Russian model was upset and called Lola Baba before leaving the studio. However, there are reports that she will be back and will continue to be a threat to AlDub. But is she really a threat to Maine Mendoza in real life? No worries, AlDub Nation. Alina Bogdanova has a Filipino boyfriend named Ervin Tansingco David, who stands 6’2” and is also a model.

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AlDub model Cindy boyfriend

Credit: Alina Bogdanova Instagram

We at TN truly admire Alina for being such a good sport. Instead of being afraid of possible bashers from AlDub Nation, she’s even proud to be a part of the phenomenal AlDub. We also commend the creators and writers of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye for this third-party twist. They are smart enough to choose Alina and to show the world how AlDub reacts to situations like this.

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