What to Expect if Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Will Not Run for President in 2016

Duterte for President 2016

As of posting, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte continues to announce that he is not running for president in 2016. Assuming that the tough mayor will eventually decide not to run, his loyal supporters will surely be sad. But more than that, here are some interesting things that I think will happen in the 2016 election.

Obviously, all the presidentiables will rejoice because they know Mayor Duterte is a very strong candidate. With his notable presence in many gatherings lately, the media is following him everywhere he goes. People from all walks of life are very eager to hear his powerful speech. Even businessmen and fellow politicians admire him.

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Second, the supposed votes for Mayor Duterte will be distributed to the remaining presidential candidates. The expected presidentiables are DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, VP Jejomar Binay, Senator Grace Poe, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, and former senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. But so far, only Roxas and Binay are sure to run.

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Third, I think Mayor Duterte will run for vice president as running mate of Senator Marcos. With both politicians very vocal in promoting federalism in the Philippines, their tandem will attract support from the North and South of the country. Roxas and Duterte Roxas recently talked, but a Roxas-Duterte tandem is very unlikely to happen.

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Fourth, the form of government in the Philippines will continue to be as it is now, unless Senator Bongbong will become the president. Roxas may have discussed with Duterte about federalism, but I think Roxas will not adopt it once he becomes the president, so as the other presidentiables. In fact, none of them has mentioned it.

Fifth, criminals will also rejoice, and in fact will be happier than all the presidentiables. Mayor Duterte repeatedly said that he will not have pity on them. He even said he will restore death penalty if he will become the president. I’m not saying that the crime rate will increase if he will not win, but definitely, criminals will not be afraid.

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Last but not the least, God will not cry. Well, Mayor Duterte said that even God will cry once he becomes the president. It’s just a figure of speech made by Mayor Duterte himself, but he means that he will be a very strict president. He will implement the law at its strongest level, and I can see that the Catholic Church and human rights activists will criticize his leadership.


The above article is a personal opinion sent to us by Eduarte Manansala, a businessman from Sta.Ana, Manila. TN is not in any way affiliated with any political party, and we are not endorsing any candidate in 2016. We decided to publish the article, hoping to receive decent comments and constructive criticisms.

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