Watch: Young Sen Risa Hontiveros Sings With Lea Salonga, Others at Student Canteen in 1980 (Video)

Yes, Senator Risa Hontiveros can sing, and became a theater actress, too. In fact, she was part of Repertory Philippines’ adaptation musical play ‘Sound of Music, along with Lea Salonga and other young kids and teens. And although it’s not Thursday today, it’s nice to watch a throwback video of the neophyte senator when she was still young and innocent.

As you can see, the young Risa Hontiveros and 7 other members of the Von Trapp children were introduced by the hosts of GMA-7’s defunct noontime show, Student Canteen. Eddie Ilarde, Bobby Ledesma and Helen Vela, During those days, show hosts usually speak English in the entire show. Ledesma and Vela passed away some decades ago.

From lef to right (from smallest to biggest), Angela Adams, Gianina Revilla, Monique Wilson, Lea Salonga, Javier Arriaga, Risa Hontiveros, Raymond Lauchengco, and Menchu Lauchengco were introduced as the Von Trapp children of The Sound of Music. Each of them were asked to give their names, age, and the school where they were going to.

Monique Wilson said she was 10 and playing the role of Marta von Trapp, while Lea Salonga said she was 9 and playing the role of Brigitt. You can hear some people clapping as Lea speaks, probably because that time she also played the title role in the famous musical play, Annie. As we all know, Lea became famous internationally via Miss Saigon.

When it’s time for Risa Hontiveros to introduce herself, she said she was 14 and was studying at St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Young Risa said that Maan Hontiveros is her first cousin and that they are close friends. In case you did not know, Maan is not only a veteran broadcaster, she is also the CEO of AirAsia Inc. Philippines and Chair of AirAsia Zest.

Apparently, Risa Hontiveros did not pursue singing ang acting. Instead, she went into activist work in the campaign against the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant during her high school days. She was also an active member of the student council in Ateneo de Manila University, and also became a journalist. By the way, she is the older sister of Pia Hontiveros of CNN Philippines.

Setting politics aside, we think Sen Risa Hontiveros is a great singer. However, we also think she should have chosen a better color for her career path 🙂