Watch: YaKie Wedding 2 Pushes Through, But AlDub Fans are Very Happy (Video)

AlDub YaKie wedding 2 August 22 2015

Yes, the Yaya Dub-Frankie (YaKie) wedding Take 2 finally happened this Saturday, August 22, 2015. But despite of this, the millions of AlDub fans were still very happy. But no, this is not because Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) fainted, just like what happened during the postponed wedding. The exciting video from Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye below explains it all.

As you can see, Jay Durias was the wedding singer and sang South Border’s hit “Love of My Life” as the groom, Frankie Arinoli (played by Jose Manalo) arrives. Shortly, primary sponsors like “Manny Pacquiao” and “Katy Perry” arrived, followed by Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola) on a wheelchair, as well as the bridal car carrying the bride, Yaya Dub.

Sad to say, Alden Richards cannot leave the Broadway studio because the Rogelio bodyguards were blocking every exit. In fact, they were a lot more than they used to be. No matter what he do, brokenhearted Alden could not stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Lola Nidora hold a huge check amounting to P51,500,000.00 which Frankie should sign.

As the officiating pastor started the wedding ceremony, you can see how sad Alden and Yaya Dub were. But this time, there are four doctors (including Dr. Tan-Ning) present to make sure that the bride will not passed out again. Frankie was able to say, “I do,” but Yaya Dub only nodded,a sign that she is only forced to marry Frankie.

You will also notice that Lola Nidora seems to be very healthy, unlike last time when Dr. Tan-Ning announced that she will die this Saturday, at exactly 2:30 pm. In fact, she was persuading Frankie to sign the check before the bridal kiss. To the surprise of everyone, authorities arrived and arrested the pastor, who was announced as fake.

Dr. Tan-Ning confessed that Lola Nidora is not sick, and that she just paid him to fake her health condition. Lola Nidora that she is the brain of the fake wedding. She said she did this just to get the money from Frankie so she can recover the diary, noting that she really didn’t like the YaKie wedding to push through. And once again, her message taught us a very good lesson about love.

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And as expected, Alden and Yaya Dub were very happy and exchanged dubsmash of romantic love songs to the delight of the AlDub fans around the world. Lola Nidora wrote, “Sorry Alden” at a fan sign. The hashtag #ALDUBAgainstALLODDS went trending on Twitter in the Philippines and worldwide, as the YaKie wedding 2 is declared null and void.

Once again, Eat Bulaga is expected to enjoy very high TV ratings from this episode. The creators, writers, and the entire cast deserve to huge warm of applause. We are now thrilled to know the next twist of this phenomenal AlDub love story. But still, the million dollar question remains, when will Alden and Yaya Dub finally see each other? 🙂

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