Watch: Woman Breastfeeds Baby Pig via Live TV Interview, Female Reporter Speechless (Video)

Believe it or not, a woman breastfeed a pig while she was being interviewed by a female reporter during a live news report, shown in nationwide TV. As expected, the reporter was shocked as the woman suddenly exposed her breast, and breastfeed the piglet. The odd incident happened in Peru just last February. Watch video below.

According to reports, businesses in San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima, Peru were heavily affected by heavy rains and flood that time. As you can see, a local female reporter was talking in their native language, explaining what happened to the devastated area. It was believed that many residents were forced to leave their houses, for safety purposes.

Shortly, the reporter started to ask questions to a braless pig farmer, who was then bringing a small carton box, where she took out the piglet from, and hold the animal in her right arm. It appears that the said woman told the reporter that the mother of the piglet, and that she now acts as its mother. At first, the reporter was excited to interview the woman.

But without a warning, the woman pulled her shirt up, revealing her breast in front of live TV, as she demonstrates how she breastfeed the pig. The reporter became speechless, while the cameraman was quick to shift the camera to the onlookers, who can’t help but smile. The reporter then decided to end the interview, and continued to her report.

Well, it’s true that the incident was weird and shocking, especially that it was done in live TV. However, we at Taho News think that the woman had no malice when she exposed her breast in public. And if it’s true that she is really breastfeeding the baby pig, then we admire her. After all, breast milk is still best for babies, not only for humans but pigs, too.