Watch: Video of Charlotte Police Killing ‘Black Man’ Released, Duterte to Send PNP Investigators to US

Charlotte police released this Saturday, September 14 (Sunday in Manila) the footage showing the sequence of event when police officers shot dead African American (“black man”) Keith Lamont Scott last Tuesday, Seprember 20. Days earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte said he will send a Rapporteur to investigate killings of black Americans in the US.

As you can see, police body dashboard camera shows Keith Lamont Scott standing outside his SUV with his hands down and backing away, as nearby police officers pointed their gun at him. Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, was several meters away, appealing to the police no to shoot him. Shortly, four shots were heard and Scott can be seen lying on the ground.

A separate video of the incident was recorded by via a cellphone, and was released earlier by the family of the victim. Here, you can hear the police telling to Keith to drop his gun. But at the same time, Rakeyia tells them that her husband has no gun in his hands. The video did not show if Scott really has a gun in his hands when police shot him.

As of now, there are conflicting accounts in this case. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) released a report showing a photo of a hand gun that allegedly Scott held during the incident. The same report said that the gun has DNA and fingerprints of Scott, and that he was believed to be a marijuana blunt, and in an aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, witnesses and neighbors said that Keith Lamont Scott. was at that time only holding a book, and not a gun. Police officer Brentley Vinson, who is also an African American, was identified as the cop who shot and killed the 43-year old father of seven. He is now under paid administrative leave, while the still going on.

Warning: Graphic footage below

Keith Lamont Scott shooting video released by family

Keith Lamont Scott shooting video (Charlotte police bodycam)

Keith Lamont Scott shooting video (Charlotte police dashboard camera)

This incident led to a series of protests and violent riots in Charlotte, and North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory decided to declare a state of emergency in Charlotte. This Friday, President Duterte said that the US official imitated him when he declared state of lawlessness following the bombing in Davao, adding that he will send someone to the US to investigate killings of black African Americans.