Watch: Vice Ganda Mentions AlDub on It’s Showtime, Anne Curtis, Jhong Hilario Give Opinion (Video)

Vice Ganda Aldub Pabebe wave

The truth hurts. The accidental love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) is a headache of ABS-CBN. But it now appears that Vice Ganda is also an AlDub fan. Last Saturday, September 12, Vice Ganda mentioned AlDub on their noontime show “It’s Showtime.” Later, the comedian even imitated Yaya Dub’s pabebe wave to the delight of the audience.

As you can see on the video below, Vice Ganda, Billy Crawford, Anne Curtis and Vhong Navarro are having fun on their ‘Clash of Celebrities’ segment and talking about the performance of their respective teams. Knowing Vice Ganda for his harsh punchlines, he told Anne and Vhong that he hopes their team win this time, and later mentioned AlDub.

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‘Kung kailangan niyo i-guest ang AlDub para manalo kayo, gawin niyo” (If you can get AlDub to be your special guest just to win, then do it.) Vice Ganda told Anne and Vhong As expected, there was laughter from the audience. His fellow host were shocked and became speechless. Shortly, Vice Ganda did the famous pabebe wave of Yaya Dub.

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Apparently, Eat Bulaga has been breaking records on TV ratings and Twitter hashtags as well as the AlDub fever continues to be more popular and eating “It’s Showtime” alive. Meanwhile, asked Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis and Jhong Hilario about their opinions about the AlDub fever and the present competition between Eat Bulaga and “It’s Showtime.”

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“Yeah, it’s great! I think it only goes to show that people are still into noontime shows. I mean, of course, there is a war now between the fans and everything. But I think everyone just needs to take a chill pill. And, you know, everyone has their own time. They can tune in to wherever they wanna tune in. There doesn’t have to be any bashing.” Anne Curtis said.

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“Mas maganda talaga na may rivalry, actually. Kapag wala, pagsasawaan ka ng tao. Kung ikaw lagi yung number one, pagsasawaan ka ng tao. “Ang competition, mas exciting ‘yan, e.” Jhong Hilario said, whose photo doing the pabebe wave went viral on social media. He added that Eat Bulaga deserves the success of AlDub because they are making people happy.

(It’s really better to have a rivalry, actually. Otherwise, people will disgust you. If you’re always number one, people will disgust you. Competition is very exciting.)

Jhong Hilario humbly admitted that his former dance group Streetboys came from Eat Bulaga many years ago. He said he is proud from where his career started, adding that Eat Bulaga lasted for 36 years because they have outstanding companionship. The TV host also emphasized that it is normal for TV ratings to go up and down.

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Here at TN, we welcome everyone to share their opinions about Eat Bulaga vs It’s Showtime because we respect the freedom of expression. However, we will not allow hurting words from fans of both shows and we will delete them as soon as we see them. Anyone can post constructive criticisms but we will never tolerate cursing and bullying.

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