Watch: Veronica ‘Kitty’ Duterte Washing Clothes by Hand When She Was Only 8 Years Old (Cute Video)

Veronica “Kitty” Duterte has been into the spotlight since the presidential campaign of his father, then-Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Local media started to interview her, and even the non-Duterte supporters really like her. After we did some research, we found an old video of Kitty Duterte washing clothes by hand. Watch the very amusing video below.

“Hi, I’m washing my tita’s bra,” Kitty said as she looks at the camera with a smile, and showed the undergarment, and then dip her hands in the blue, plastic basin. As you can see on the 4:47-minute video, President Duterte’s youngest daughter appears to be only 8 years old that time. But even at her very young age, her being smart is already obvious.

But no, you don’t have to contact the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) or DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) to report a potential child abuse case. Born on April 10, 2004, Kitty Duterte is actually playing and enjoying washing the clothes. And as the camera continues to roll, you can hear her speaking English very fluently.

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At some instances, you can also hear woman (most likely her mom, Honeylet Avanceña) talking to the young Kitty Duterte while taking the video. On the latter part, a woman started to sing “Veronica Labandera” to the tune of the song, “Gloria, Gloria Labandera.” But instead of getting pikon (getting mad easily), the cute Duterte girl sang along with her.

Kitty Duterte, now 12 years old, held the bible during the inauguration of President Duterte last June 30. But as we all know, she was also very visible during the campaign period despite busy with her school activities at Stella Maris Academy in Davao City. She is usually seen on stage with her father, reminding him about the time if he talks too long.

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And mind you, Kitty Duterte called President Duterte during a private dinner at Malacañang , shortly after his first SONA (State of the Nation Address) this Monday, July 25. That time, she told her father that she has a homework about his SONA speech. And being the best source of information, proud Daddy unselfishly explained everything she needed.



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