Watch: Traffic Enforcers Electrocute Driver and Companions, No Traffic Violation Specified (Video)

A group of traffic enforcers electrocuted (kinoryente) a driver and his companions, after learning that a video of their disagreement is being taken. It started when the officers required them to get off their vehicle, insisting that they committed a traffic violation but couldn’t specify what it is. The video was uploaded by a certain Kheo Avejar on Facebook this Saturday, February 6, 2016. Watch below.

According to Avejar, his sales manager was driving the vehicle in front of SM City Molino, in Bacoor, Cavite when they were stopped by traffic enforcers in the middle of the street. The driver was asked for his driver’s license, but when he asked traffic violation he has committed, the officers couldn’t tell any. One of the driver’s companions told them they were taking video.

Shortly, one of the traffic enforcers said that they were not wearing a seat belt, but the latter said they are about to get off the vehicle. The driver somehow increased his voice to emphasize his question about his traffic violation, and refused to pull over and give his driver’s license. The driver repeated his question many times, but the officers still cannot answer.

Then, one of the the traffic enforcers said that the driver stopped in the middle of the street. The latter said they had to stop because the traffic light is red, and the traffic is heavy. Another officer then told the man who was taking the video to stop filming, but the latter continued. You can also hear the driving apologizing for not pulling over, saying that he has no violation.

The driver started to drive slowly, but the officers continue to tell him to pull over so they can talk. The driver kept asking them what traffic rules he disobeyed, but still none of the officers can say what it is. Moments later, one traffic enforcer went beast mode and electrocuted the man with the camera, using an electric shocker, and the camera dropped inside the vehicle.

Nevertheless, you can hear the driving asking the officers why they have to pull over. At some point, you can hear some screaming in pain because of electric shock. The driver told the officers to stop electrocuting his companions, but they still continued. In fact, you can hear one of them threatening them that they will be hurt again if they don’t get off the vehicle.

During the series of electrocution, the driver requested the traffic enforcers to call the police to help them, but none of them called one. He then told his companion to close the door, and asked the officers if they can already leave. You can hear some officers telling the driver that he was hard-headed. But up to the end, it was not clear what violation the driver has committed.

Mga paps pakikalat naman po ito sales manager po namin yung nag dra-drive pinapara at hinihingi lisensya nya kahit…

Posted by Kheo Avejar onĀ Friday, February 5, 2016


One thing that Kheo Avejar has emphasized on his post is that according to the rules of the MMDA (Metropolitan Manila Development Authority), only one of their members should approach the driver. Yes, he is correct. And yes, we also think that the traffic enforcers became abusive, and that the MMDA should investigate this matter at once.