Watch: Traffic Enforcer Issues Ticket to Colorum Driver Who Claims He Knows Senator JV Ejercito (Video)

A brave traffic enforcer issued a colorum driver, who claimed to be knowing Senator JV Ejercito. He also refused to receive bribe from the violator, and required him to give his driver’s license , despite he was told he could lose his job. The entire incident was caught on camera, and was posted Facebook by a certain Lenard Bernardo. Watch the full video below.

As you can see on the video which was uploaded this Tuesday, February 2, 2016, the unidentified traffic enforcer approached the driver in a non-loading zone in Pasig, and asked him if he is authorized to get public passengers. When he asked for his driver license, the colorum driver refused to give it and told him that he works for Senator JV Ejercito.

However, the traffic enforcer didn’t get scared and insisted on issuing a violation ticket the driver who drives a Mitsubishi Rosa with plate number UKE526. The driver, who was identified as ‘Jun’, gets off his vehicle, and asked him if they can talk about it. The officer told the driver he already let him go earlier, but this time he will already issue a ticket to him.

You can hear ‘Jun’ threatening the traffic enforcer that he might lose his job if continues to ask for his license, and the officer said, “Ok lang. Sanay naman ako na walang trabaho e.” (It’s Ok. I’m used to being unemployed.) At some point, the driver said he will just give the officer bribe money in exchange of the violation ticket. However, the officer stood his ground.

After the viral video reached the knowledge of Senator JV Ejercito, he released a statement on Facebook, denying that ‘Jun’ is working for him and was never part of his staff. However, he confirmed that the man lives in San Juan, where he used to serves as mayor and then later, congressman. Below is his full official statement on the name-dropping issue.

“To those asking, Jun – the man caught on cam brazenly violating traffic rules and apprehended by a traffic officer – is in no way connected to me and my Senate office. Yes, Jun is a resident of San Juan. But he was never part of my staff. It is unfortunate that he had to name drop me and my office just to get away with a traffic violation. Just want to make this clear with the video going viral in social media.”

Posted by Lenard Bernardo on Monday, February 1, 2016

In a local news report, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) said that the said coaster is registered at their office as a private vehicle and has no franchise as a public transport. And because of the video proved that the driver is getting public passengers, the vehicle will be impounded and the driver will pay a P200,000 fine.



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