Watch: This Smart ‘How to Survive a Breakup’ Commercial Will Surely Make You Smile (Video)

Dubbed as ‘How to Survive a Breakup,’ this latest Smart commercial will make you cry and smile especially this Valentine’s Day. Brought to us by Smart Communications, Inc., comes a sad but cute video ad released this Thursday, February 11, 2016, just in time to celebrate the special day with your special someone, if you have one. Watch the full video below.

“Ever found yourself stalking your ex while hustling through a heartbreak? This one’s for you (and for the friends that help you see it through).” A statement reads at the video description of the 1:51-minute Smart commercial, which is not only about surviving a breakup but also how friends are helping us especially in times when we needed them most.

The video, which was released simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube, features the song “Nanghihinayang” and a young man who still couldn’t move on after a breakup with his girlfriend named Blake Samson. As he sits on his bed, he founds himself browsing the photos of his ex on Facebook. He can’t help but cry, and apparently regretting about his lost love.

And while he is looking at the photos, the poor guy accidentally LIKE one of them. He immediately tried to remove the ‘LIKE’ but he can’t, as the Smart message reads, “Your mobile data has expired.” He now really cried aloud, until his friend on the opposite bed suddenly wakes up from deep sleep and threw a pillow at him and asked what happened.

“Ano bang problema mo? 5 years na kayong wala.” (What’s your problem? It’s been 5 years since you broke up.) His friend said. The young man told his friend that his Internet connection has already expired. He also admitted that he LIKE the photo of his ex but he can’t remove it, and he don’t want her to know that he has not yet get over with their breakup.

How to Survive a Breakup

Ever found yourself stalking your ex while hustling through a heartbreak? This one's for you (and for the friends that help you see it through).

Posted by Smart Communications, Inc. on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Here’s the cute part. The sleepy friend named Pippo, whom you think don’t care about his problem, send him a 100MB data. The young man was then able to remove the LIKE, while his friend went back to sleep again. He smile\d and throws back the pillow. The video ends with the saying, “Lovers come and go, but friends share forever,” with the hashtag #FriendsShareData.

So whether you are single, taken or brokenhearted….Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Congrats, Smart!