Watch: This New Headphone Design Doesn’t Require You to Have Ears (Video)

BatBand ear free headphone

Is it really possible to listen to music using a headphone without plugging an earphone to your ears? Now, you can. Thanks to Studio Banana Things, the creator of BatBand, the latest headphone design that doesn’t require users to use their ears to be able to listen to music, simply because the sound is being transmitted to the user’s skull. Watch their demo video below, and learn how to use it.

As explained on its Kickstarter project page, BatBand offers a hi-fidelity bone-conduction sound experience to its users, allowing them to listen to music comfortably through the wearable device while still being able to hear everything around them. This is because users’ ears are not covered, unlike when using traditional headphones. But how does it work?

Through bone conduction technology, BatBand has 3 transducers that emit sound waves perceived by your “private” inner ear through the bones of your skull, making it an ear-free headphone. One of the transducers is touching the sides of your head, while the other one is pointed at the back of your head. This technology is not really new, as it is being used to hearing-impaired patients.

To ensure good grip of BatBand around the back of your head, its outer frame is made of spring steel. This hands-free device also has an inner padding to make sure that there is only minimal sound leak. for maximum experience, BatBand offer up to six hours of sound streaming via Blutooth and has built-in two-way microphone for receiving and making calls, as well as for group videogaming.

BatBand is rechargeable via USB port, and no software or update required. It also has two integrated pressure sensors for controlling the device, such as standby on/off, volume adjustments, music tracking (previous/next and start/stop), as well as taking/ending a call.

As of posting, its Kickstarter program has US$335,372 pledges with 34 more days to go. Amazingly, this amount is more than twice its target of US$150,000. Pre-orders are now available at for $149, and may ship to certain countries only.