Watch: This Deleted Duterte Interview Video Could Help Him Win in 2016, Woman Says (Uncut Version)

An interview video to Mayor Rody Duterte reveals his platform to change the Philippines for the better if he is elected as president in 2016. But according to a concerned Facebook user, the said video uploaded on Facebook by a local broadsheet has been deleted, suggesting that it is something “they don’t want people to see.” Watch the full, unedited version of the video below.

“Philippine Star deleted this video 1 hour after it went viral and by miracle naiwan pala sa phone ko yung buong video. Noong nalaman ko na inalis yung 12 mins video I recorded it immediately for Filipino People to see.” Joanna Allas-Fojas wrote as a caption to the video this Monday, December 14, 2015, adding that this will show Duterte’s sincerity to serve the country.

On the video, Mayor Duterte was asked serious questions, such as how he will fix the country if he wins the presidency, how does he intend to do to improve the economy to create jobs, his views on creating a ‘business island’ for foreign investors which will be patterned from Hong Kong, how he will lower the cost and education, as well his parting words to all Filipinos.

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“Let me tell our countrymen that I cannot do it alone. We have to do this together,” Duterte said. “We have enough laws but we do not implement or follow the law. Right now, following the law is only an option for Filipinos. It should be a must,” Mayor Duterte said, adding that the entire police and military system should be overhauled and to take care of the families’ welfare.

During the entire Q&A with Mayor Duterte, you can see him speaking very seriously and direct to the point, and yes without cursing (mura). One can easily conclude that the tough mayor is emphasizing that a great country can only be achieved if the laws will be fixed and will strictly be implemented, while the people are disciplined and will work together as one.

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DUTERTE PLATFORM and VISION: Philippine Star Interview (UNCUT version they don’t want you to see)Philippine Star…

Posted by Joanna Allas-Fojas on Sunday, December 13, 2015


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Meanwhile, Philippine Star has uploaded another video, but a shorter one. Based on the background and the same shirt worn by Mayor Duterte, it appears that it is a part of the deleted video. Here, the tough-talking presidentiable reiterated that he will pursue his candidacy despite the lack of funds and machinery needed for the nationwide campaign.

Nevertheless, Duterte said he will rely on the voluntary contributions from his supporters and friends but with no strings attached. He requested them to be their media for his campaign because he cannot afford the expensive cost for political advertisements in TV and radio. He also asked the youth and housewives to print their own campaign shirts and posters, and carpenters to create their own billboards even if they are made of scrap woods and materials.

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Davao City Mayor and presidential aspirant Rody Duterte reiterated that he will pursue his candidacy despite not having enough campaign funds, believing that the Filipino people will back him in the 2016 polls. Duterte also slams the Aquino administration: “Sabi nila tuwid raw ang daan at kayo raw ang boss. Naramdaman ba ninyo na kayo ang boss? Boss ba kayo sa mahal na bilihin? Sa grabeng traffic? Sa pag-usbong ng krimen at droga? Sa walang trabaho? Kayo ang binubusabos.”#BilangPilipino

Posted by Philippine Star on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Credit: Philippine Star Facebook


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