Watch: Taxi Driver vs Passengers Heated Argument After Taxi Driver Turns Off Aircon (Video)

A beast mode taxi driver had a Heated Argument with his passengers, after the former allegedly turns off the aircon. The incident happened this Monday, January 25, 2016, and was caught on video, which is now being shared on Facebook. According to Jerald Carriedo Valencia, who uploaded the video on his Facebook page, the taxi driver even invited to a fist fight. Watch the video below.

Based on the caption of the video, Valencia said that he and his female companion asked the taxi driver of Dela Crux taxi with plate number TYM456 why it is hot inside the taxi, and that the air conditioner is not cooling enough. According to him, the taxi driver suddenly turned off the aircon, and told them to open the window instead in order to save gasoline.

Valencia said they got off the taxi but the taxi driver goes beast mode and followed them on the street, holding a small white bag. He noted that the driver was rude, and that the latter tried to stop his other companion from filming. He added that the taxi driver should not be allowed to drive, and that the taxi operator should teach his drivers to be kind to their passengers.

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On the video, you can hear the taxi driver insisting to his passengers that they did something wrong. He pointed his hand to them, somehow trying to explain his side but his voice was overpowered by his passengers. The female passenger can be heard saying that they already paid the fare even if they have not yet reached their desired destination.

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And almost at the same time, you can hear Valencia’s loud voice telling the taxi driver, “Papatayan mo kami ng aircon, Gago ka pala e!” (You turned off the aircon, you idiot!), adding later that his female passenger simply asked him why he turned off the aircon. He can also be heard shouting at the taxi driver, telling him to return to his vehicle and to leave them alone.

This time, the taxi driver seem to lose his temper and challenged Valencia to a fist fight. His face was somehow seen in the video, as he goes back to his taxi before the video ended. On his reply to comments on his video, Valencia said they got off the taxi at Alley 15, Project 6, Quezon City. He admitted that he went beast mode and cursed at the taxi driver because he was so rude to them.

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Pls!!! Share this video at paki kalat para maturuan ng leksyon!!!!Hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako makaget over sa Taxi…

Posted by Jerald Carriedo Valencia on Monday, January 25, 2016


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In addition, Jerald Carriedo Valencia said they also have a taxi and his father drives it for a living. However, he emphasized that his father is always polite to his passengers unlike the driver they encountered that day; and that this is why passengers always hire his father. The involved white taxi cab was shown on the video, but the name of the beast mode taxi driver is not yet known as of posting.

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