Watch: Stuntman-Driver ‘Kuya Rodel’ Throws Punches Like FPJ in Road Rage (Video)

Oh, my God! Kuya Rodel!” This was the reaction of a netizen named Basha Gloria (Maria Couline Gloria) after she saw her driver punching another driver like the late Action King, Fernando Poe Jr (FPJ). Despite being shocked, she managed to take a short video of the fist fight, which you can watch below. Luckily, none of them has a knife or gun.

According to Gloria, she was about to deposit money inside a kiosk when she heard a loud screaming and cursing words outside. She said she later realized that it was her stuntman-driver ‘Kuya Rodel’ and a driver with white hair and much older than him. Ms. Gloria said that the other car is somehow near to where her driver parked her car.

As you can see, the driver kicked their car driver’s door and said, “Kotse ko yan! Bumaba ka! Suntukan na lang tayo! (That’s my car! Come down here and let’s fight!).” That’s the time Kuya Rodel the driver have finally lost patience, and gave a lighting fast left-and-right combination punches to the other driver, like the ones we only see on FPJ movies.

In just 4 seconds, Kuya Rodel threw about 14 punches to the other driver, with about 13 of them hitting his face. Overpowered by a younger driver and a fast-puncher, the man was not able to throw a single punch. Before the 8-second video ended, you can be heard shouting, “Halika na! (Let’s go!)” apparently telling his companions that they should leave.

Basha Gloria said the for some unknown reasons, her driver got pissed off with the other driver, which is why he accepted his fist fight challenge invitation. She said she tried to call for help but no to avail, noting that she has identified the other vehicle as a white Starex with plate number PIK 196. As of posting, the name of the said driver is not yet known.

Moral lesson? Always keep cool on the road. If you can’t, choose your enemies.