Watch: St. Theresa’s College Security Guard Erwin Valmoria Macua Graduates as Cum Laude (Video)

Meet Erwin Valmoria Macua, a security guard of St. Theresa’s College (STC) in Cebu who graduated as Cum Laude in the same school he has been serving for 17 years. And believe it or not, he is still on-duty just hours before his graduation day, Saturday, March 25. Watch the video below as he receives his diploma in bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

As reported at Cebu Daily News, Erwin Valmoria Macua has been attending classes at St. Theresa’s College from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m since 2013, then works at the same school as security guard from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Amazingly, he has maintained full-load classes all throughout his college days and had no absent from work, even on his graduation day.

According to the report, Macua took up civil engineering student at the Divine Word College of Tagbiliran (now Holy Name University) in 1997. However, he stopped due to financial problem. He started working as security-guard at STC in 2000. He was already married then, and now has 3 children. Nevertheless, he was still eager to finish college.

STC, which used to be an all-female school, then decided to allow male college students. And because he was already the school’s security guard for 13 years, he was entitled to a 50-percent discount for his tuition fee, which costs between P20,000 to P36,000 per sem. His wife, Irenea runs a sari-sari store at their home in Barangay Kalunasan, Cebu City.

“I am very happy that my family, my wife is very understanding,” Macua told Cebu Daily News, referring to the instances when he cannot go home because he has to do his school projects in between his duty hours. But as much as he wanted to avoid bringing school projects at home, it even turned out to be a bonding time with his wife and children.

Credit: Mich Padayhag Facebook

Credit: Mich Padayhag Facebook

Security guard Erwin Valmoria Macua as graduate; Credit: Cebu Daily News

Macua, who works on a no work-no pay basis, said he decided to take up Education because he wants to inspire the young people, so that they can give back to their parents who worked hard for their needs. But besides his wife and children, the 38-year old security guard is also inspired by his mother, who attended his graduation at STC theater.