Watch: St Scholastica Young Students Forced to Join Marcos Burial Protest, Parent Says (Video)

A group of young students of St Scholastica’s College in Manila held a noise barrage to protest the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) this Friday, November 18. However, a parents of one of the students said the school has required them to join the said protest. Watch video from Inquirer below.

As you can see, at least 10 young students of St Scholastica were outside of their classroom, and shouting, “Marcos is no hero!” Judging from the look on their faces, they seem to be smiling and just playing, and not really realizing what they are doing. Meanwhile, a parent of a young student in that school who joined the protest complained.

According to a post at Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page, shortly after the video was uploaded by Inquirer, she received a message yesterday, Thursday from a parent of a young student, claiming that their school required her 10-year daughter to join the protest against the Marcos burial the next day. The names of the mother and daughter were not revealed.

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Based on the complaint of the the mother, she was asked to sign a form where her daughter was required to write “protest against Marcos burial” or “Marcos no hero” as the activity. She added that the school requirement is a form of child abuse and should not push through, and hoped that the weather will be fine so that the children will not get sick.

Apparently, the Marcos’ heroes burial was unexpected and there was no formal announcement prior. Even the media was surprised when police suddenly gathered at the LNMB. In an interview, Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa said that he was also surprised, and that he was informed only the day before.

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Update: November 18, 2016 10:15 pm

Ms. JM Lim, one of the administrators of St Scholastica’s College in Manila sent a message to Mocha Uson Blog Facebook. She categorically denied that the school forced their students to join the Marcos burial protest. Below is the screenshot of her message.


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Shortly after the burial, a video of the ceremony was uploaded at the official Facebook page of Ilocos Norte Rep. Imee Marcos, daughter of the late President Marcos. In a short press conference, she said the Marcos family wanted the burial to be private and solemn. As of posting, St Scholastica has not yet commented on the ‘required’ students protest.



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