Watch: Singaporean Taxi Driver Says Davao City is a Very Safe Place, Just Like Singapore (Video)

A Singaporean taxi driver says that Davao City is a very safe place to live in, and even compared to his home country, Singapore. This is what he excitedly told his Filipino passengers as he drives them in an area in the country. Apparently, the passengers didn’t expect him to mention great things about about Davao City. Watch the video of their conversation below.

The video was featured at the YouTube channel of Volunteers for Duterte 2016 this Sunday, December 13. We did a research and we discovered that a certain Greg Katigbak uploaded the same video on his Facebook page on August 5, 2015. That time, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte is still hesitant to run for president in the coming 2016 election despite his growing number of supporters.

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As you see on the video, the Singaporean taxi driver is befriending his Pinoy passengers. As the conversation goes on, one of them asked him if he had been to Villa Escudero in Laguna. The unidentified driver told him that he went to Pagsanjan water falls, which is also in Laguna. He then asked him on how many times he has been to Singapore, and he said “6 or 7.times.”

When asked what he can say about Singapore, the driver himself could not help but praised his country. He said Singapore is a very safe place, saying that “girl like that” referring to the Filipina passenger at the back, can walk alone in the streets of Singapore at midnight and even 1 AM. He proudly said that she will be safe and will have nothing to be afraid of.

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“You know the reason why it is so safe? Because the law is just like Davao City…very very strict. Everything is law by law here. No cheating, no fighting, no bluffing, very strict laws, that’s why it’s so safe.” The Singaporean taxi driver said. The passengers were surprised and could not help but be amused. He mentioned the name of Duterte, which the driver knows.

The taxi driver and the passenger continued their conversation, and you will notice that the Singaporean is very proud of his country, although he admits that the cost of living in that area is high, and compared it to Makati. You will notice that the other Pinoy passenger who was filming the taxi driver showed his face on the camera and gave a “thumbs up” sign.

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sg and davao..safest place to visit..#nofear #duterte #cleanandgreen #strict #verrysafe #nocheating #happy

Posted by Greg Katigbak on Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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However, the comment of the Singaporean taxi driver is somehow opposite to the claim of LP standard bearer Mar Roxas last week. According to the former DILG secretary, saying that Davao city is a safe place is a myth, noting that based on records at Philippine National Police (PNP), there are around 18,000 crime incidents that were recorded in Davao City in 2014.

Apparently, this started the Roxas-Duterte word war which eventually led to fist fight challenge between the two presidentiables. Mayor Duterte even accused Roxas of lying, when the latter said that he is a graduate Wharton School. Meanwhile, Davao City has been noted as one of the safest cities in the world, but many anti-Duterte individuals contradict the claims.


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