Watch: Singaporean Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling’s Second Mom, His Pinay Nanny (Video)

Singaporean swimmer Joseph Schooling beat the legendary American swimmer, Michael Phelps this Friday, August 12 in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Not only this is the first Olympic medal for Singapore, it is also a fan beating his idol. But what many Filipinos don’t know is that Joseph Schooling’s second mother is his Pinay nanny, Auntie Yolly Pascual. Watch video below.

Back in June 2015, Singapore-based company Singtel uploaded a YouTube video featuring Joseph Schooling and Auntie Yolly (or Yolanda) his nanny for 19 years, or when he was still 1 year old. According to the caption of the video, Auntie Yolly has always been there in his every swimming activities, and to console him every time he loses from a competition.

“He’s a very loving, caring, sweet boy.” Auntie Yolly said in the 1-minute video, as she sits beside Joseph Schooling near a swimming pool. As a response, the then 20-year old Singaporean swimmer said that her Filipina nanny is like her second mother, and that she loves him unconditionally. He said she also helps him in his homework and takes care of him.

“I cried a lot when he (Joseph) left for US because most of the days, we are together.” Auntie Yolly added, who also She also cooks his favorite pineapple curry whenever possible. On the last part of the video, fans of Joseph Schooling surprised her and brought along with them placards with her name, and thanked her for taking care of their idol.

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And in case you don’t know yet, Joseph Schooling first met Michael Phelps in 2008 when he was only 13 years old. That time, the American swimmer has already been winning gold medals in the Olympics. He then visited a country club where Schooling is on training for swimming. And as a huge fan, he immediately requested to have a photo with him, and Michael Phelps agreed.

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Michael Phelps Joseph Schooling 2008

But as we all know, Joseph Schooling beat Michael Phelps in the the 100-meter butterfly finals in the 2016 Rio Olympics. with the time of 50.39 seconds. That was supposed to be Phelps’ 23rd Olympic gold medal, and fourth gold medal for this year’s Olympics. In an interview after he lost from Schooling, Michael Phelps said he is now ready to retire.