Watch: Sharon Cuneta’s Chair Rotates 360 Degrees at The Voice Kids 3 (Funny Video)

Believe it or not. Sharon Cuneta’s chair rotated 360 degrees during the pilot episode of ‘The Voice Kids 3’, aired this Saturday night, May 28. This is after the Megastar pressed her button to face Noel Comia, the 11-year old boy who sang “Can This Be Love” for his blind audition. Nevertheless, Sharon was a good sport. Watch the funny video below.

As you can see, judge-coach Lea Salonga was the first one to turn her chair as she amazed with the enchanting voice of Noel Comia. Shortly, judge-coach Bamboo Mañalac asked the Megastar if she likes the contestant. Sharon, who replaced Sarah Geronimo on her chair, said she still wants to hear the chorus part before she finally decide.

And when it came, Sharon turned around but her chair malfunctioned and made a 360-degree rotation, and therefore went back to its original position. As Noel continues his singing, the three judge-mentors could not help but laugh, especially Sharon. Noel’s father asked show host Luis Manzano, and the latter joked that the boy was disqualified.

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The audience, along with Bamboo and Lea laughed when Sharon stood up and faced the contestant while her chair is still facing backwards, just before Noel’s performance ended. Lea asked if her chair can be fixed, while Bamboo joked that the Megastar changed her mind. For Sharon, she could not stop laughing on top of her voice.

“Ano ‘to initiation?” (Is this an initiation?) Sharon Cuneta joked, and later assured Noel that she indeed turned her chair to face him. “Sabi ng basher ko baka raw hindi gumalaw ang silya. Tignan mo gumaang ako kasi dalawang beses umikot.” (My basher told me that my chair might not turn around. Look, I lost weight, because my chair turned twice.)

Lea then told Sharon that this is the first time that a chair for ‘The Voice Kids’ rotated 360 degrees. And because of this, Sharon a part of the chorus, “This is the first time.” Shortly, Bamboo stood up and jokingly kicked the base of Sharon’s chair. To everyone’s surprise, the chair turned around facing Noel. In the end, he chose Lea Salonga as his coach.



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