Watch: Sen Leila de Lima Sings ‘Careless Whisper’ Inside New Bilibid Prison? (Video)

A video of Senator Leila de Lima singing ‘Careless Whisper’ with a band is now being shared on Facebook and YouTube. According to some netizens, the video was taken during a concert inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) and that she was the special guest. However, there are netizens who claim otherwise. Watch the video below.

As you can see, Sen. Leila de Lima sings ‘Careless Whisper’ at the center stage while dancing a bit, with the crowd cheering and singing along with her. The neophyte senator is also holding a small tablet or smartphone, which she probably uses as guide for the song lyrics. You will notice that the light is dim, and someone told the audience to clap for her.

Sad to say, we at TN cannot find the original source of the video so we are not sure when and where it was taken. However, some netizens suggest that it was at her victory party when she was elected senator, and that it is not an evidence that she is cuddling drug lords inside the Bilibid, nor having an illicit affair with her driver, Ronnie Palisok Dayan.

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Sen. Leila de Lima sings ‘Careless Whisper’ allegedly inside New Bilibid Prison

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Nevertheless, we found another video of Sen de Lima also singing ‘Careless Whisper’ with a band. This time, she was singing along with Ultimate Flashback Band, which uploaded the video on their YouTube channel last June 9. The said event was held at Dagupan City Plaza, and the video is definitely not the same as the viral one in social media.

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Sen. Leila de Lima sings ‘Careless Whisper’ with Ultimate Flashback Band at Dagupan City Plaza

To be fair with Sen. Leila de Lima and her supporters, we are inviting our readers to provide us more details about the first video. But of course, it will be better if you will include a link that will prove that the senator was not singing inside the Bilibid. For the meantime, we can say that she has an average singing voice. So yes, she can carry a tune.