Watch: Sen Leila de Lima Contradicts Herself on President Duterte’s Statement About Human Rights (Video)

Senator Leila de Lima finds herself in hot water again, after she delivered her speech at Adamson University in Manila this Friday, October 7. But while it can be assumed that the purpose her speech is slam President Rodrigo Duterte on the human rights issue, she turned out to be contradicting her own statements. Watch video below, via VOVph.

“Dahil kung papaniwalaan natin ang ating mahal na Pangulo nung sinabi niya sa SONA siguro yun, human rights is a weapon of mass destruction because it can be “used” to destroy our nation. Human rights destroying our nation! Saan nanggaling yun? Is this still our planet?” Sen de Lima said, which is not what President Duterte said in his first SONA.

“Human rights must work to uplift human dignity. But human rights cannot be used as a shield or an excuse to destroy the country.” President Duterte clearly said on live TV, and asked the Congress and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to allow his administration to use all its power mandated by law in fighting illegal drugs and crime across the entire country.

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Incidentally Sen. De Lima was interviewed right after President Duterte delivered his first SONA, and said that she generally is satisfied about it. In fact, the neophyte senator repeated the president’s statement that human rights should be the purpose of uplifting human dignity, but not as an excuse to destroy the country, adding that she agrees with him.

As we all know, President Duterte even shook Sen de Lima’s hands before he delivered his speech. But that was two months ago, before the president accused the LP senator of being involved in illegal drugs trade inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP). Since then, the Duterte vs De Lima became the most anticipated topic in local and international news.

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As of posting, the public is yet to wait if Sen Leila de Lima could land in jail based on testimonies of witnesses in the House hearing. For the meantime, we strongly suggest that if she really wants to win the public’s trust, she should be consistent in her statements. We understand that you are now under severe pressure, but please, don’t contradict yourself.