Watch: Salisi Gang Inside Mang Inasal Caught on CCTV (Video)

Salisi Gang Mang Inasal Robinson Cavite

Two members of the so-called Salisi Gang were caught on CCTV while stealing the bag of an innocent customer of Mang Inasal barbecue fast food chain. The incident happened between 5:19-5:25 pm, Sunday, August 16, 2015, inside Robinson Premier in Silang, Cavite. The 47-second video below shows the Salisi Gang in action.

The video was posted by April Joyce Cervantes Alcaraz on her Facebook page this Monday, August 17. According to her reply to comments, she requested 3 copies of the CCTV video from Mang Inasal, and that the video here is so far the clearest copy. She also said that she asked the staff of the fast food chain if they noticed anything suspicious, but they said, “No.”

A day before April Joyce posted the video on her wall, she posted a message telling her friends about the incident. She told them to ignore all the text messages from her cellphone, requesting them to inform her if there are any suspicious messages from her Yahoo and Facebook accounts. She added that she have already changed their passwords.

As you can see, a man pretending to be using his cellphone bend over to reach the blue bag under the chair where April Joyce was sitting. But because a crew member passed by, he pretend scratching his left leg. However, he was successful in bringing the bag on the floor on his second attempt. He later kicked it towards a woman, who immediately picked it up.

If you’ll notice, it took about 20 seconds before the man kicked the bag. He patiently waited for the right time as crew and customers passed by behind the chair. You don’t need to be a police or an NBI member to say that these Salisi Gang members are professional robbers. The woman who took the bag looks decent and even wears a pair of eyeglasses.

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Credit: April Joyce Cervantes Alcaraz YouTube

Salisi Gang Mang Inasal FB post

Credit: April Joyce Cervantes Alcaraz Facebook

We at TN will never get tired of reminding everyone to take care of all your belongings while in a public place. Although we know that CCTV can help catch these culprits, we should make sure that we don’t leave our things unattended. If you cannot hold them, place it somewhere where you can see it at all times, and don’t just depend on security guards.

We hope that authorities could catch these robbers as soon as possible. We also hope you can share this your friends to avoid them being the next victims.

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