Watch: Rude Male Bus Passenger Who Cursed at a Woman and Threatened to Shoot Her Apologizes (Video)

The rude male bus passenger who was caught on video cursing at his fellow female passenger and later threatened to shoot her has been identified. He also apologized to the woman for his hostile behavior against her. Apparently, their heated argument started because of a bus curtain, but details were not made clear. Watch the ABS-CBN News video below.

According to the report, the name of the arrogant bus passenger is Pepito Robles, who lives in Barangay Greater Lagro, Quezon City and works as a seaman. When asked by ABS-CBN reporter Raphael Bosano about the incident, he said he only felt threatened which is why he cursed at the woman, who was earlier identified as a certain Maricel.

“Na-threaten lang ako dahil sa reaksyon nya na, ‘O ano! Ano ka?’, sabi nyang ganyan….tapos ‘Sino ka?’ sabi nya pa sakin. Humihingi na lang ako ng dispensa kung ano yun. Pero sana, siya, next time, ibahin nya yung mga lalaki. Kasi may mga lalaki na, halimbawa ako, na ganun, na hindi makapagtimpi.” Robles said, who cursed again.

“Kababae mo nakikipagtalo ka sa lalaki? P**a ka! P**a mo! P**a ka! Ang babaeng nakikipagtalo sa lalaki, p**a!” (“You’re a woman but yet you’re arguing with a man? You’re a wh**e! A woman who argues with a man is a wh**e!”)” Pepito Robles was heard yelling at Maricel on the viral video, which was uploaded on Facebook last Monday November 7.

Apparently, Robles’ violent reaction against the female bus passenger seems to be natural for him. In an interview with some of his neighbors, they said that he has also cursed at some pedicab drivers for no valid reasons. Meanwhile, in an earlier interview, Maricel said she will not forgive the rude bus passenger, and that she will file charges against him.