Watch: Robin Padilla Sends a Very Strong Message to Fellow Artists This 2016 Elections (Video)

Actor Robin Padilla has a very strong message to his fellow artists in the local entertainment industry, especially this coming 2016 presidential elections. His message was short, but is straight to the point. Being known as the ‘Bad Boy’ of Philippine movies, he is challenging all artists to be true to what the country now needs.

“My friends, let’s be honest. I am not getting paid for this commercial. I’m doing it because I believe that if it is for the country, you should do it for free. Change cannot be bought.” Robin Padilla said on his 36-second video. Incidentally, his nephew, Daniel Padilla who is a known Mar Roxas supporter, along with some other Kapamilya artists.

“Duterte does not accept money, so also should So to all my fellow artists, come out! Don’t be afraid! Show your free support for our Mother Nation. Because if it is for the country, you should not get paid!” Padilla said, who has been busy visiting countries with OFWs to campaign for Duterte, for free and without asking for anything in return.

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Last February, Robin Padilla went to Hongkong and meet with around 5,000 OFWs and campaigned for Duterte for free. He was accompanied by Sebastian ‘Baste’ Duterte (Mayor Duterte’s son). Celebrating his 46th birthday last November 23, the Muslim-converted actor then said his birthday wish is that Duterte to run for president.

When asked about Daniel (Padilla) supporting Roxas, Robin said that his nephew is already old enough to choose his own presidentiable. However, he said that he (Daniel) should be very careful when it comes to political endorsements. Robin said that showbiz and politics sould not be mixed, which he said has happened to him before.

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Interestingly, Robin Padilla is not the only local artist campaigning the presidential bid of Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte for free. Singer-songwriter Aiza Sequerra has been very vocal in supporting the tough-talking mayor. In fact, the ‘Pagdating ng Panahon’ singer defended Duterte when the latter called Roxas a ‘bayot’, or gay in English.

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