Watch: Reckless Red Light Beater Motorcycle Rider Hits 2 Lady Pedestrians Crossing the Street (Video)

A motorcycle rider in Marikina beat the red light and hit two ladies crossing the street using the pedestrian lane. The entire incident was caught on video via a dashcam, and was posted on Facebook, Thursday, December 15. Warning: The video below contains contents that may not be suitable for children and with weak heart. Watch with caution.

As you can see on the first part of the video, a huge truck ignored the red light traffic and was able to pass without hitting anyone. Shortly, two women crossed the street as fast as they could, despite the fact the traffic light is still red. They probably thought there might be some reckless drivers, and they just want to cross safely. And apparently, they were right.

Just inches before the two lady pedestrians approached the other side of the street, a fast running motorcycle suddenly appeared from nowhere, and hit them badly. The lady on the right side immediately fell on the ground, while the other lady is barely seen on camera. A man crossed the street and helped them, while the motorcycle rider was obviously shocked.

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Netizens who have watched the video could not help but be very angry at the reckless motorcycle rider, especially that he drives so fast in a pedestrian lane and beat the red light. And although there was no mention as to when and where the incident happened, some commenters said that the area is at H. Bautista st., Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.

As of now, we at Taho News could not find any information on what happened to the two victims and the suspect afterwards. Nevertheless, we really hope that the ladies are fine and that the reckless rider be punished accordingly. We also urged all motorists to be responsible enough, and strictly follow all the traffic rules. Remember: Precaution is better than cure.