Watch: Proof That Senator Grace Poe Has 2 Social Security Numbers (SSN) in the US? (Video)

Yes, there are alleged proof that Senator Grace Poe has indeed 2 Social Security Numbers (SSN) in the US. Apparently, this has already been denied by the camp of Poe’s spokesperson, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian earlier, saying that the other number is the senator’s Student No back in college, and not her first SSN. However, the video below says the opposite.

Last Wednesday, March 2, 2016, an article published at The Daily Tribune says that there are 2 SNNs under the name of Grace Poe Llamanzares. According to the report, the first one is SSN 005-03-1988, which was issued in Maine in 1934-1951, even before she was born. Allegedly, the second one is SSN issued in 1992, and is being believed as her the real SNN.

“There are many Filipinos and even other foreigners, who are TNTs in the US who would pay to have an illegally obtained SSN, because of their illegal immigrant status. Also, they can’t get good and decent jobs without an SSN,” An unnamed Filipino naturalized American was quoted telling to The Daily Tribune. The said source has been living in the US for around 10 years now.

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The report added that the SSN 005-03-1988 was issued to a now-deceased person. Denying the allegations that Sen. Grace Poe has 2 SNNs, Gatchalian said that the said number is the student number of Poe when she was still a student of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. He emphasized that the number is the date of her enrollment that time.

When asked about her Boston student ID, Sen. Poe said that she may no longer have it. Nevertheless, she insisted that she has only one SSN, which is 538-25-2008. She emphasized that the allegations are only to destroy her credibility as a strong presidentiable in the 2016 elections. Poe noted that anyone can verify her SNN at the United States Embassy in Manila.

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However, a post at Ayaw Ko Poe Facebook page teaches us how to can verify an SSN online. The post suggested two (2) websites. that can show the SSN of Senator Grace Poe. The first site is where searchers can type the SNN, and the second site is where searchers can type the Name and first 3 digits of the SNN.

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We tried using the 2 websites, and this was the results. For, we entered 005-03-1988, and it said it was issued in Maine, approximately issued before 1951. The Daily Tribune said it owner of this number is now dead. On the other hand, the 538-25-2008 was appropriately issued between 1998 and 1992 in Washington. No name was revealed.

But here’s the kicker. When we used, we entered the name Grace Llamanzares twice. First, we used 005 (first 3 digits of SNN) and it resulted to three (3) Grace Llamanzares. On our second try for 538, it revealed only one Grace Llamanzares. For the benefit of the doubt, we also tried 004, 006 and 007, and the result is the same as that of 005. We suggest you try the same, too.

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We did a background check of Grace Poe's SSN at nakita namin na totoo talaga ang lumabas sa tribune – 2 ang SSN ni Grace at ang isa doon ay sa taong namatay na!Gamit ang: po ang 2 SSN ni Grace Poe Llamanzares005-03-1988 at 538-25-2008

Posted by Ayaw Ko Poe on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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The million-dollar now is, “Are these 2 websites reliable to use as a proof that Sen. Grace Poe has 2 SSN or not? Based on our trials, we don’t think it’s a clear evidence to prove the allegations. However, there is also no proof that the allegations are not true. And if Sen.Poe really wants to prove her innocence, we therefore suggest that she show her own evidence.



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