Watch: President Duterte Slams ABS-CBN, Inquirer Over ‘Bias Reporting’ (Video)

President Rodrigo Duterte criticized ABS-CBN and The Philippine Daily Inquirer during his speech in Malacanang in front of the newly-appointed government officials this Thursday, March 30. According to the tough-talking president, both media outlets are being paid for their bias reporting against his administration. Watch RTVM video below.

“Alam mo ang Inquirer kahapon, talagang bulls**t ang p***ng-ina niya, basura talaga ‘yan pati ‘yung eleksyon na ganyan. The poor will be killed. Tignan mo mag-slant. Ewan ko ba but someday, hindi ko tinatakot but someday ‘yung karma dadating ‘yan,” President Duterte said, noting that this is because the presidential candidate of ABS-CBN and Inquirer lost.

“Talagang mga walanghiya ang p***ng-inang journalista na ‘yan. Sabihin ko sa inyo talagang walanghiya pati ‘yung ABS-CBN. Because if I have the money p— ina ninyo. Nandiyan na ako sa gobyerno ngayon and you can request any son of a b*tch there sa central bank. Tell them to get a statement, bakit ako magbigay sa kalaban ko?” He added.

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“If there is really a 200 million sa account ko, I will resign tomorrow, ‘yan ang hamon ko sa lahat. And if my children would get involved in corruption, I will gladly step down. ‘Yan ang totoo mga Inquirer, mga bulls**t kayo pati ‘yung ABS-CBN. Basura ‘yung inano ninyo. P***ng-ina nyo, sinobrahan ninyo ang kalokohan ninyo.” The angry president further said.

“Kay Inquirer, you’ve never been fair. I know that it’s supposed to be antagonistic but fair? Bastos kayo. Pati ABS-CBN bastos, bastos talaga. Kasi alam nila without checking the veracity of—the truth about…” President Duterte added, noting that some politicians allegedly paid ABS-CBN and Inquirer during the election period to destroy his reputation.

As of posting, ABS-CBN has not yet commented on this latest criticisms from President Duterte. On the other hand, Inquirer executive editor Jose Ma. Nolasco said the newspaper took exception to the president’s remarks. “Even as we’ve courageously pursued the truth in our coverage, we’ve endeavored to get the administration’s side of any controversy,” he said.



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