Watch: President Duterte Scolds Inquirer Reporter Over VP Robredo Knee Joke (Video)

President Rodrigo Duterte scolded an Inquirer reporter after his speech this Wednesday, November 9, before he left for Thailand. Apparently, the president was not happy when he was asked about his recent joke on Vice President Leni Robredo during their visit at Tacloban this Tuesday, to commemorate the the third anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda.

“Sir, regarding the remarks that you made about the vice president yesterday in Tacloban, which to many come as inappropriate and even tasteless. Are those necessary considering the event?…Yung tinitingnan nyo yung tuhod nya, and that she’s wearing shorts.” Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) reporter Marlon Ramos asked President Duterte.

“Tuhod lang? Yes, I said she’s wearing a skirt…then yung tuhod nya, sabi ko di nagsisimba ito. It is appropriate. As a matter of fact, it is good. So, what’s the problem there? What’s the issue? Sexist? Slur? A, nandyan na naman yung media. E, anong sabihin ko, totoo naman.” President Duterte replied, who was obviously dismayed with the question.

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“And I said that every meeting. You ask all the cabinet members. Just to lighten the moment. What’s so special about the knee of a person? Yes, it is necessary to make people laugh for them to enjoy the occasion. Kasi galit ako. I was angry yesterday…Do not exact standard for me. I will do what I say, and I say what I do.” The president added.

“Those jokes like that. That’s nothing, unless umakyat ka sa tuhod sa hanggang dito (pointing upwards), then that would be extremely bad taste….so, what’s wrong with the knee of your wife? What’s wrong if I say, yung tuhod ng asawa mo, gasgas kakasimba, may kalyo na. You want to depict me as bastos? You can, have your day.” He further said.

President Duterte emphasized that he is a a politician and not a general, and that it is natural for politicians to crack a joke, especially after getting mad. He noted that the media should not make an issue about a president’s remarks about a person’s knee The PDI reporter then asked him about his comments about the killing of Mayor Rolando Espinosa.

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President Duterte’s speech before leaving for Thailand (Skip to 22:40 for Inquirer reporter Q&A)

Also on Tuesday, President Duterte asked VP Leni Robredo if she has a new boyfriend, and joked about it. In an ambush interview after the said event, the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chief told reporters that she’s somehow getting used in his jokes, including looking at her knees during their cabinet meetings.



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