Watch: President Duterte Russia Today Exclusive Interview, Talks About US, China and Russia (Video)

Russia Today (RT) had a rare, exclusive interview with President Rodrigo Duterte this Monday, November 28. Here, he discussed his plans on foreign policy, particularly the relationship of the Philippines to China, Russia, and the US. He also talked briefly about President-elect Donald Trump. Watch the complete video below, with English subtitles.

In the first part of the RT interview, President Duterte told Marina Kosareva he never wanted to be the Philippine’s next president or to be an international figure, noting that he is more comfortable as the mayor of Davao City. But as we all know, fate changed the course of his life. This is after millions of Filipinos pushed him to run in the 2016 elections.

Next, President Duterte explained the reason why the Philippines is following the foreign policy of the United States. He cited the Philippine history starting with the colonization of the Spaniards for 400 years (333 years, to be exact, (1521-1898)). He noted that when Spain surrendered to the US, the Americans then occupied the Philippines for 50 years.

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President Duterte mentioned the infamous Balangiga massacre in 1901 during the Philippine–American War, where people of the entire town in Samar were ordered to be killed and burned. The exact number of deaths is not known. However, the tough-talking president said that the US never bothered to apologize to the Philippines for it until now

And although President Duterte acknowledges the independence that America gave to the Philippines in 1946, he noted that there’s nothing to be grateful for it simply because Americans stayed long in the country. He then emphasized that unlike past Philippine president, he will not follow US because he knows the history, and that he is still hurt.

Nevertheless, President Duterte noted that this is not the reason why he hates US now. He said he does not want to be ordered, and be given conditions if he will not follow. The president then he is getting closer with China and Russia because he feels that he is warmly welcomed by the leaders of both countries, and that they are willing to help him.

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President Duterte said that he is willing to be friends with anyone as long it will be good for the Philippines, noting that President-elect Donald Trump is willing to be friends with him. Finally, he reiterated that he is not ordering the police and military to simply kill any drug suspect without due process, particularly those victims of extrajudicial killings (EJKs).