Watch: President Duterte Impersonator Greets Useless Politicians Happy Chinese New Year (Funny Video)

A Chinese comedian posed as an impersonator of President Rodrigo Duterte, and greeted useless politicians in the Philippines a ‘Happy Chinese New Year.’ And although Chinese New Year has already passed by, tons of Pinoy netizens still find the Duterte parody funny and entertaining, especially that the comedian really acted well. Watch video below.

“A secret message from the Government of Philippines. The leader of the Philippines Du Te Ti.” Reads the message on the first part of the Chinese New Year greeting parody video, uploaded last January 27, on the Facebook page of a Chinese comedian, where the closest English translation to its name is ‘The World’s Biggest Boring Pan.’

“As you know, I’m only a man after all. So please let me tell this to you. Happy Chinese New Year. For all the useless politicians, trolls…If you don’t stop your actions…This will be your last Happy Chinese New Year!” The President Duterte impersonator said on the video. And in case you didn’t notice, he imitated Duterte’s Christmas greetings in 2015.

The next scene shows the Duterte impersonator in an airport in Taiwan, and saying in front of the camera that there are of his people there, and that he wants to talk to them. Shortly, he was a group of young men sitting on the floor, and shook their hands. They took photos with him, but when they spoke, he realized that they were not Chinese, but Indonesians.

Nevertheless, the real President Duterte sent his Chinese New Year greetings. “May all of us develop a more profound appreciation of our heritage as two distinct yet intertwined peoples, and further fortify the goodwill that we have shared over the years.” He said, as he hoped for closer ties between China and Philippines despite dispute over South China Sea.