Watch: President Duterte Featured in Japan TV Show, Described as ‘Great’ President (Video)

President Rodrigo Duterte is always being featured in a Japan TV show, and has been receiving praises from show hosts. This is according to Marjorie Mendoza, a Filipina now living in Japan and the one who shared the video on her Facebook page this Thursday, September 8. And because it has no English subtitles, below are some of the highlights.

As noted at Asian Policy, the Japanese TV show hosts were giving their opinions about President Duterte. At one point, they talked about his cursing habit, in which one host says it is just an expression and not really intented to hurt people. The hosts also talked about Duterte’s family background, having a lawyer-fatther, a school teacher mother, and his children.

Later, a female host explained Duterte’s accomplishments when he was still the mayor of Davao City. She pointed out the benefits of the Central 911 where citizens of Davao City can call for help for free. As we all know, the 911 Emergency hotline is now being implement across the country, along with the 8888 Hotline for complaints of corruption.

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She also explained how then-Mayor Rody Duterte tranformed Davao City from being a lawless city to be now one of the safest cities in the world. It is known that records show that peace and order in the city has improved a lot when he became the mayor. As a result, investors were attracted to put businesses, which created jobs for Dabawenyos.

On the same show, President Duterte was also featured being a lover of Harley-Davidson bike (motorcycle), which he used in patroling the streets in Davao City when he was still the mayor. And although it was not included in the show, Filipinos also know him as occassionally driving a taxi cab at night, hoping to catch criminals such as robbers.

Later, a photo of Duterte with his feet on the table while talking to reporters was shown on the show. One show host suggested the then-mayor was being rude, but another host host said that Duterte could only be showing the public is simplicity in fashion, as he was seen not wearing socks. The Japanese TV show also mentioned the 91% trust rating for Duterte.

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In general, the show hosts praised Duterte and described him as a “Sugoi” president which means ‘great’ or ‘awesome.’ Two days earlier, President Duterte had a short meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during the ASEAN Summit in Laos. Abe said that he is delighted to see Duterte in person, and that he is very famous in Japan.



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