Watch: Polite Taxi Driver Eugenio Ventura Reunites With Passenger, Receives Award from LTFRB (Video)

Remember Mang Eugenio Ventura? Yes, he is the polite taxi driver who was offered a tip by his passenger but declined and returned it to him. Well, he met the same passenger again. But instead of meeting him on the road, he met him in a radio station to grant an exclusive interview. Watch the moving video below, and see how the humble taxi driver cry with gratitude.

As we earlier reported, a certain Rommel Lopez posted on Saturday, January 15, 2016 about his first encounter with Mang Eugenio. He said he rode his taxi from LRT Roosevelt Station to Mother Ignacia Ave. To Rommel’s surprise, Mang Eugenio was kind enough to pass through EDSA while many other taxi drivers refused to do so, because of the heavy traffic. Read previous news story Here.

According to Lopez, Mang Eugenio was very polite, saying that he is willing to drive his passengers anywhere they want to, because this is how he earns a living. Besides being so humble and fun to talk with, Mang Eugenio said he always use the taxi meter. True enough, Mang Eugenio is not one of the abusive “contractors” and rude taxi drivers in Manila today.

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During the start of the interview at DZMM radio, Mang Eugenio Ventura was crying as he thanked Rommel Lopez for the uploading his photo on Facebook. Shortly, Rommel appeared and the two hugged each other. As a passenger, Rommel said he had encountered many rude taxi drivers before and couldn’t believe that Mang Eugenio is not among them.

Lopez said that when he sat beside Mang Eugenio, he was told that he will be brought anywhere he wants to. He added that there were many netizens asking him if he has a contact number of Mang Eugenio, and that many OFWs wanted to book him once they return to the Philippines. The 63-year old taxi driver said some OFWs also want to give him gifts.

And for his kindness, DZMM radio personality Julius Babao said that they have gifts for Mang Eugenio. Rommel Lopez gave him some religious figures to serve as reminders for his humility. Yesterday, Lopez posted a photo of the ‘Drayber ng Bayan’ award given to Mang Eugenio Ventura from the Land Transportation Regulatory and Franchising Board (LTFRB).

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Unfortunately, Mang Eugenio has no cellphone. But if you want to hire him or give him gifts, you can call the contact number of his operator, Ma. Erlinda Paglinawan of Monariel Transport at 361-2985; 0906-447-1944. The address is 339 Gem 5 Road, Baesa, Quezon City. You can see the details on his ID, which Rommel Lopez also posted on Facebook earlier.



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