Watch: Police Shoots Suspected Robber in Motorcycle Riding-in-Trio in Manila (Video)

A policeman shot and killed one man in a motorcycle with three riders in Malate, Manila this Tuesday, August 2. According to Manila police, the riding-in-trio are suspected robbers (holdapers) in their area. One of them was killed during the shooting encounter, while the other two riders escaped and are still at large. Watch the GMA News video below. (Note: Not for young audience.)

As shown in the CCTV footage, three men were riding in a motorcycle passing at Singalong corner Aragon Street in Malate, Manila, at around 5:00 pm. As you can see, the riding-in-trio was roaming around as if they are monitoring something. At one point, they appear to be following a woman walking in the street, but later stopped for unknown reasons.

Shortly, a roving police patrol car arrived and stop a few meters behind them, and the motorcycle also stopped. According to newly-appointed Adritico PCP Commander C/Insp. Paul Sabulao, he got off the car to approach the riding-in-trio because two of them have no helmet, and that they are acting suspiciously. He can be seen holding his gun holster.

But even before Sabulao goes nearer, one of the two men got secretly got his gun from his jacket. When the cop saw it when he was in front of them, he immediately pulled out his gun and shot the man in the middle. The man at the end of the motorcycle fell down as the driver immediately drove the motorcycle away, and the cops chased them by foot.

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In another CCTV footage, only the driver is seen on the motorcycle while the man who fell down rushed to ride with him. Authorities said that a 9 mm. Pistol was recovered from alleged robber who was killed received 5 gun shot wounds in the chest and back, and has no identification except for a “Reyes” tattoo on his neck. The two others were wounded.



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