Watch: Police Chief Uses Subordinate for Target Practice, Earlier Reported as Accident (Video)

Chief Superintendent Frederick Mead of Victorias City, Negros Occidental was allegedly caught on camera wounding his subordinate while using him during a target practice. However, an earlier report said that it was only an accident firing, and that the police chief was revealed in the wake of the investigation. Watch the video below.

According to the caption on the video shared by a certain Jun Ledesma at Police Digest Facebook page this Thursday, June 16, Mead used his subordinate, Police Officer 1 Marvin Gustilo as an accessory during a target practice in an undisclosed area last May 19. Although their faces were not shown, a police officer can be seen standing afar.

Ledesma said Mead instructed Gustilo to stand and hold a balloon with his arms stretched out. A few seconds later, you can hear a shot fired and clapping most likely from the other police officers present during the target shooting. One of them said something like, “Tahimik muna, delikado!” (Quiet first, this is dangerous) in their local dialect.

Shortly, another fire was shot, and the police officer screamed and fell down to the grass. Unrecognizable police officers were shown before the 21-second video ended. Ledesma noted that the gun used was an M-16 rifle, and that the incident was made to believe as an accident, noting that Mead resumed his post as Victorias City Police chief.

In a May 24 news report by Sunstar, Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (Nocppo) Acting Director William Señoron said that he reassigned Mead to their headquarters in Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental. The same report said that Gustilo was fixing their target when Mead’s firearm accidentally went off and hit Gustilo.

Meanwhile, Ledesma emphasized that PO1 Gustilo is pitiful, and that the truth should be exposed. He also criticized NOPPC for allegedly doing nothing about it, and that Mead’s using a subordinate as part of the target practice is a clear grave abuse of authority. As of posting, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has no comment on this incident.