Watch: Pastor Quiboloy Denies Having Hard Feelings Against Duterte (Video)

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy finally breaks his silence and denied reports saying that he felt bad at incoming President Rodrigo Duterte. Allegedly, the evangelist has ill feelings towards Duterte after he was not included in the consultation process during the selection of the cabinet members of the Duterte administration. Watch video below.

“Hindi po ako nagtatampo…Mali po yung word na ‘tampo’, hindi po ako nagtatampo,” Pastor Quiboloy said in his press conference in Davao.City this Monday, May 23, noting he has no hard feelings against Mayor Duterte and the issue was only misunderstood. The evangelist emphasized that his friendship with Duterte remains intact.

Pastor Quiboloy noted that many people have been raising their concerns to him regarding the incoming Duterte government, probably because they know that he is a close friend with Duterte. Nevertheless, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name leader said he has no business with the decisions of the president-elect.

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The religious leader said that he has into fasting lately, and therefore had no chance to talk to Duterte these past few days. He also stressed out that he understands that the incoming president is now very busy, and that he will now be back in his normal routine in his fellowship and that he will not be in any way involved in the Duterte administration.

Mike Abe, Quiboloy’s spokesman, earlier said that the religious leader was disappointed when he was left out in the core group to select the cabinet members of Duterte. He added that they have been receiving complaints about the choices for the incoming cabinet members, and that Duterte and Quiboloy have not talked for a couple of days.

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This Saturday, incoming President Duterte told reporters that he is choosing country over friendship, and that his friendship with his friends will end when it comes to the interest of the country. He also stressed out that nobody can dictate him in his decisions as the president, and that it is always the interest of the Filipino people that counts.