Watch: Over 300 Self-Confessed Drug Pushers and Users in Quezon City Surrender to Police (Video)

More than 300 people who confessed being drug pushers and users in Quezon City voluntarily surrendered to the police at the same time. The record-breaking moment happened this Wednesday, June 22, as the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) implements its so-called “Oplan Katok Pakiusap,” an operation against illegal drugs.

According to a report at GMA-7’s ’24 Oras’, a total of 352 individuals (men and women) from 12 barangays in Quezon City flocked to QCPD that day, and identified themselves as users, sellers, couriers and runners of illegal drugs.. This huge number of people coming to the said police department at the same time is the first of its kind in the city.

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The self-confessed drug suspects, who were identified by their respective barangay officials, admitted that they fear for their lives so they decided to surrender. They mentioned series of news reports about suspected drug pushers and users that are being killed during police raid in various areas in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Upon their surrender, these suspected drug dealers underwent laboratory tests, and will not be put in jail. Authorities said that no case will be filed against them, provided that they will identify the people who sold drugs to them. In addition, the drug users will be brought to rehabilitation centers for treatment, and be given livelihood assistance.

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Based on the records of Philippine Drug Enforcement Authority (PDEA), Quezon City is one of the cities in the Metro Manila where selling of illegal drugs is rampant. As we all know, the strong campaign against illegal drugs is a top priority of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. In fact, he asked PDEA to submit to him the list of suspected drug lords.

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Duterte, who will take oath as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines, early this month said he will pay P3 million for every high profile drug lord killed or arrested. A few days later, he increased the bounty to P5 million. The tough-talking president-elect strongly instructed the police to kill criminals who will resist arrest and tried to kill them.