Watch: New Jollibee Commercial for Valentine’s Day 2017, ‘McDonalds PH’ Comments Sarcastically (Video)

Jollibee has just released its new commercial, specifically for this coming Valentine’s Day. But while it really touches the heart of Filipinos, especially those who have been in love, McDonald’s PH seems not to have liked the idea, and commented on the ads. Watch the video of the latest Jollibee Valentine’s commercial below, as well as McDonald’s PH’s comments.

Titled ‘Vow’, the new Jollibee commercial features a heartbreaking love story and was said to be inspired by a true story. As you can see, it shows a wedding where a man remembers the time when he first met the bride, of course inside a Jollibee store. As the bride walks the aisle, the man narrated how he began to fell in love with her.

Inside the Jollibee store, they accidentally placed the same order and the man told himself that since then, he knew she was the one he wants to spend his life with. Shortly, the said Jollibee ad showed some of their interesting moments, such as the sacrifices of the man just to show her affection to her. He said that he promised he will never change.

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When the bride went nearer to the altar, he stopped at the man and he got teary-eyed. But sadly, the bride walked again and held another man, whom he is going to marry. “Gusto ko, ikaw na pinakamaligaya sa lahat, kahit hindi naging tayo.” (I want you to be the happiest, even if we’re not meant to be.), the man narrated. The bride said, “Thank you.”

As expected, the Jollibee Valentine’s 2017 commercial is now going viral and earned tons of praises from netizens. However, an account dubbed as McDonald’s PH posted a sarcastic comment, “Walang poreber, ulol” (There’s no forever, st*pid). In a comment on YouTube, Mcdonald’s PH wrote, “Maghihiwalay din kayo!” (You will get separated later).

Credit: Jollibee Facebook

McDonald’s PH comments on Jollibee Valentines 2017 commercial

McDonald’s commercial “First Love” (2009)

Apparently, the said McDonald’s PH account was only a parody account, and is not the official account of Mcdonald’s Philippines. Nevertheless, some netizens said that Jollibee ad was only copied from McDonald’s commercial released in 2009. Titled “First Love,” it featured Eraserheads’ El Bimbo and the woman also ended up marrying another man.