Watch: No More Endo, Nearly 25,000 Contractual Workers From Big Companies Now Regular Employees (Video)

No more Endo! Nearly 25,000 contractual workers from big companies across the Philippines are now regular employees, this is according to the latest data from the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE). This great news for the labor sector comes only four months after President Rodrigo Duterte took his oath last June 30. Watch news video below.

As reported at ABS-CBN’s ‘Bandila’ this Thursday, November 10, the number of contractual workers in the country that are now regular employees are 24,358 as of November 4. Dubbed as ‘No more Endo,” the Labor department has been exerting efforts to end contractualization, as a promise of President Duterte during the election campaign.

“We were hoping to reduce by 50 percent yung incidence of endo, and illegal contractualization by 50 percent. Before the end of this year, we will no longer have any endo.” DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello III told the ABS-CBN reporter. Last month, the number of contractual workers in the country who became regular employees were only over 10,000.

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“Ayaw nila (employers) ng regularization because yung unionism (labor union). Then, many of them are also complaining that when an employee becomes regular, is they are so difficult to discipline.” Bello added, noting that many employers are really willing to cooperate, and voluntarily complied with the ‘end endo’ program of the government.

Nevertheless, this continuing success of DOLE to fight endo did not happen overnight and was not easy. In fact, the Labor department had to conduct 178 consultations and meetings with the representatives of 8,722 business establishments and contractors. Aside from that, they inspected 11,534 establishments committing anti-labor practices.

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In line with this, the DOLE released their latest list of those companies that now have no endo as of November 7. But in case some workers lose their jobs because of this program, the Duterte government through DOLE has a budget of P200 million endo fund as financial assistance to them. This includes livelihood assistance and training programs.



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