Watch: Ms. Celia Rodriguez Confronts Lola Nidora Over AlDub Love Team (Video)

Celia Rodriguez Aldub Lola Nidora

Just as we all thought that Lola Nidora can stop Alden-Yaya Dub (AlDub) love team, a new character appeared at Eat Bulaga’s “Problem Solving” segment this Tuesday, July 28. And yes, it’s none other than Ms. Celia Rodriguez, one of the all-time “prima kontrabidas” of Philippine cinema. But no, you will not hate her this time. In fact, you will love her.

As you can see on the video below, Lola Nidora (played by Wally Bayola, who by the way is a great comedian) continues to use her power to stop Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) from “seeing” each other. Last week, the nation witnessed Yaya Dub being brought back to the van, and Aldin left the studio just find her but eventually failed.

But this Tuesday, it seems that AlDub finally had a defender for the first time. While Lola Nidora continues to scold Alden, the poor admirer could not help but run away and hide himself inside a room. But when the door opened, the multi-awarded actress comes out and introduced herself as Celia Rodriguez biyuda de Onasis, Alden’s aunt.

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Although shocked and intimidated, Lola Nidora tries to regain her composure and faced Celia Rodriguez. But of course, what she do against the ageless “taray” eyes of the fashionable actress? And as Ms. Celia is known for, she “insulted” Lola Nidora, telling her that she used to be her classmate and that she was never a winner in life.

At the same time, fellow EB hosts Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros added “insult” to Lola Nidora instead of being on her side. Now, it seems that she has no one to ask for support. But in the end, the “cruel lola” maintains her stand in stopping AlDub. She has still to announced her reasons why she is totally against Alden and Yaya Dub.

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And again, we all know that everything is now scripted, thousands of AlDub fans cannot help but be glued in front of the TV. People really love their love team as it comes naturally and not the usual showbiz style. With Maine Mendoza using her excellent skills in Dubsmash (She’s the Queen in case you forgot), we are witnessing a fast-rising star in the making.

Move over #KiligPaMore, it’s now #AlDubPaMore 🙂

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