Watch: More Than 50 Percent of Filipino Drivers are Reckless and Stupid, Sen Tito Sotto Says (Video)

More than half of Filipino drivers are not only reckless but are also stupid. This is according to Senate Majority Leader Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III this Tuesday, March 14 during the hearing of the Senate committee on public services. He noted that this is one of the major reasons for the worsening traffic problems, especially in Metro Manila.

“Dito sa atin sa Pilipinas if we do an honest to goodness examination of drivers, the way this is being done in other countries especially the US, I expect that more than 50 percent of the drivers in the Philippines will not pass. Grabe hindi lang reckless, ang tatanga. Kaya siguradong babagsak sa tunay na exam.” Sen. Tito Sotto said, who himself drives his own car.

According to Sotto, many Filipino drivers violate traffic rules because they can easily get driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office (LTO). He cited illegally parked vehicles along city streets, as an addition cause of traffic particularly in Metro Manila. However, the comedian-turned-politician did not mention where he got his figures.

On the other hand, Assistant Transportation Secretary Edgar Galvante agreed to Sen. Sotto’s suggestion to have stricter rules for the issuance of driver’s license. He admitted that there are really some loopholes, especially in terms of the qualification process for application and upgrade of driver’s license, noting that they will now change the rules.

Under the existing LTO rules, there there is only one exam for both professional and nonprofessional drivers, and it only takes six months after a driver who been issued a student permit can already apply for a professional driver’s license. Galvante, who is also the LTO chief, did not however explained how those examinations will be separated.

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While we here at Taho News somehow agree that many Filipino drivers are reckless, we also suggest that punishment and penalties for traffic violators be stricter. We think that many drivers tend to violate traffic rules because they can easily get away with it. Another major factor are the so-called kotong cops and traffic enforcers who ask for bribe money.