Watch: Mocha Uson Starts Shooting for Carlo J Caparas Movie ‘Kamandag ng Droga’ (Video)

Mocha Uson has started shooting for the upcoming movie ‘Kamandag ng Droga‘ (Venom of Drugs), directed by veteran and award-winning director, Carlo J Caparas. A known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte even before the election campaign started, the Mocha Girls lead vocalist shared a video clip while filming a scene. Watch the video below.

As you can see, Mocha Uson is holding the script while a female staff for the film is assisting her for her part. We can assume that the women near her are the rest of the Mocha Girls, whom we think are also included in the movie. You can also see some crew for the film doing their part in preparing for the scene. Sad to say, Direk Carlo J was not around.

And although Mocha Uson did not provide further details about the film, the story is expected to be focusing on negative effect of illegal drugs. The movie is also very much likely to help aware the public to avoid being a victim of illegal drugs. In that case, her appearance in the film is her contribution to President Duterte’s war against drugs.

Now with nearly 4.3 million Facebook followers, Mocha Uson is not only only for being a singer-dancer, but also a blogger. Born Margaux Uson, Mocha was first known for being a sexy entertainer, and has released 4 studio albums via Mocha Girls. An openly bisexual, she also made a few films since 2009, including the drama film, ‘Mga Alaala ng Tag-ulan.’

Mocha Uson became more popular when she started being a Duterte supporter, and even had a chance to interview President Duterte himself. On her Facebook page, she earned more supporters despite receiving tons of criticisms, especially from Duterte critics. Oftentimes, she criticized some mainstream media for being bias against the president.