WATCH: Meet Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, the Funny Man in Duterte Inauguration (Video)

Meet Atty. Alexis Lumbatan, the funny guy during the inauguration of President Rodrigo Duterte this Thursday, June 30. And just how funny he is? Well, if you are among those who have watched the entire historical event for the country, you surely noticed a man with a ‘semi-kalbo’ hairstyle making funny faces on camera. Watch the video below.

While everyone is seated and patiently waiting for President Duterte’s inauguration at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang, many of them waved their hands or smiled at the camera as they saw their faces on the TV monitor. However, it is only Atty. Alexis Lumbatan who has completely captured the attention of the televiewers and netizens as well.

And why not? As the camera featured where he was sitting, he stared at it with eyes open wide. In another instance, he winked twice and opened his eyes wide again, hoping to add positive atmosphere during the said event. And yes, he was very successful, as people searched his identity and became interested with him.

But no, this is not the first time he made funny faces in front of the camera. He was also present during the third and final leg of the PiliPinas Debates 2016, which was held at the Student Plaza, University of Pangasinan in Dagupan last April 24, and was aired at ABS-CBN. That time, the funny lawyer gave a very enchanting and irresistible smile.

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So who is this funny guy in Duterte’s inauguration other than being a lawyer by profession? Well, Atty. Alexis Lumbatan works for Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Sebastian ‘Baste’ Duterte, the sons of President Rody Duterte, and has been considered as a close friend of the Duterte family. In fact, he is one of the admins of Baste’s Facebook page.

“Well, naghihintay kami lahat, I was thinking ibang tao dun, happy mood nila. So sana may maiambag ako, pa good vibes na lang. I am a happy person, simula noong maliit pa ako. Gusto ko good vibes lang,” Lumbatan told ABS-CBN News on his making of funny faces during Duterte’s inauguration, noting that he works seriously in his profession.