Watch: Mayor Rody Duterte’s Final Decision: Sorry, I Will Not Run for President (Video)

Mayor Rody Duterte not run for president 2016

As the first day of filing of COC (Certificates of Candidacy) of political candidates in the 2016 Philippine election went on today, Monday, October 12, 2015, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte had a press conference announcing that he will not run for president. He has been consistent in his decision in the past, and it appears that this is really his final answer. Watch the video below.

Earlier this day, a copy of a letter dated October 12, 2015 was spread on Facebook showing alleged announcement of Mayor Duterte on his final decision not to run for president in 2016. But because the said letter did not bear his signature, his followers did not believe it. However, we found a YouTube video showing him reading the same contents of the letter..

In his letter, Mayor Duterte started by apologizing to all his supporters all over the country and even Filipinos abroad. The tough mayor asked the public for understanding, emphasizing that being the president of the Philippines is not his ambition. Nevertheless, he said that he might for mayor in Davao City again if his daughter Inday Sara will not run for the position.

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The content of his letter was also posted at Mayor Rody Duterte’s official Facebook page on the same day. Although some of his followers said they respect his decision, many of them are still hoping that he will still change his mind. After all, the filing of COC is until Friday, October 16. Earlier reports say that Duterte might file his COC on Thursday, October 15.

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Duterte not run for president Facebook

Credit: Rody Duterte Facebook

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Below is the full content of Mayor Duterte’s letter, announcing his final statement on not running for president in 2016:

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My friends and fellow Dabawenyos,

I am sorry to disappoint those who spent much and worked hard and long in support of me as I went around the country espousing the benefits and advantages of federalism. I therefore beg for everyone’s kind understanding and acceptance of my sincerest apologies. After all, there was no ambition for me to aspire for the presidency. The country does not need me. I find no need for it. I guess it is fate that wills that our long journey together should end this way.

Time and again, those who believed in me and in the cause that I advocated and continue to advocate, advised me to go for the country’s presidency because that is the destiny that awaits me. But I believe that my destiny is to end years and years of public life in the service of Davao City and every Dabawenyo.

Thus, if Inday Sara agrees to run for Mayor, I will retire at the end of my term in 2016. If she does not, the option to be Mayor again is on the table.

When all is said in the wake of this decision, perhaps we can find comfort in the thought that this is indeed a beautiful day to end a wild dream.

God bless the Philippines. God bless us all!

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