Watch: Mar Roxas Solves ‘Comfort’ Problem Intelligently (Video)

Mar Roxas solves problem

Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas recently smartly solved a ‘comfort’ problem during an interview with Manila Bulletin editors. He may be receiving criticisms for various reasons, but we cannot deny that he is intelligent and have some humorous moments just like anyone of us. On the video below, watch him solving an awkward situation in a funny way.

According to Manila Bulletin, the incident happened on October 27, 2015 while former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is answering some questions from their editors. As you can see, he is initially seated at the center surrounded by a team of the newspaper’s editors. But before answering another question, the administration’s presidentiable politely asked for a time-out.

“Time-out. I just don’t know, I’d like to be polite by facing you. But then, my back will be to you naman. So hindi ba parang nahihirapan naman ako…Why don’t we do this? Put a chair there so that I can face all of you….” Mar Roxas told them with a smile. He then stood up from his chair and placed another chair so his face can be seen by everyone and the cameraman.

Roxas, who has Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo as his running mate, repeated that he feels uncomfortable not looking at the person asking him question. He emphasized that he just want to be polite, and that it’s fine sitting that way. There was a laughter inside a room, and you can hear a woman saying that she agrees with Mar’s decision to transfer his seat.

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Meanwhile, Roxas said in an earlier interview that he will appoint fresh faces in the Cabinet he wins in 2016. When asked if he will appoint his friends, he said, “I don’t think it’s an automatic disqualification, I think what would be an automatic disqualification would be a vested interest, if they engage in the business, if they engage in that activity that is an automatic disqualification.”

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