Watch: Mandaue Police Involved in Road Rage With Truck Driver Identified, Relieved From Post (Video)

A police officer was recently involved in a road rage in Mandaue City, Cebu, this Friday afternoon, August 26. The cop, who was later identified as PO3 Renato Alonzo Inot of the Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO), was caught on camera pulling off his gun and point it at someone, while his companion was forcing the truck driver to get off. Watch the video below.

The video was uploaded on Facebook on the same day by a certain Danica Njela Mier Alcontin, who said that two men in a motorcycle assaulted their driver and passenger of a service truck in Brgy. Looc. According to her, the driver did not violate any traffic rule, but the men (whom she assumed as cops) went beast mode at their driver for some unknown reasons.

As you can see, the man in black shirt and wearing a red helmet is throwing punches at the driver inside the truck but the latter did not fight back. On the other hand, the man in orange shirt and wearing slippers was seen pointing his gun at a man who was not seen in the camera. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that he pointed it to the driver’s companion.

The truck can be seen with a Triple L. Comprehensive Aircon and Refrigration Service sign in front and bearing the plate number GHD-466, but Danica did not mention the name of the truck driver and companion for safety reasons. However, she mentioned that the suspects rode on a red Honda Wave Dash motorcycle with plate number QC81435.

The said video reached the knowledge of Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing, who replied her post. He promised to help identify the suspects, adding that he already sent the video to MCPO for investigation. And in less than 24 hours, Mayor Quisumbing identified the man in orange shirt is PO3 Renato Alonzo Inot of the City Intelligence Branch (CIB).

Mandaue PO3 Renato Alonzo Inot relieved

Credit: Danica Njela Mier Alcontin Facebook

About three hours ago, Alcontin posted a photo of a MCPO document dated Saturday, August 27, stating that PO3 Renato Alonzo has been immediately relieved from his post at CIB, and was reassigned to Police City Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit (CPHAU). As of posting, the abusive cop has not yet surrendered and the other man remains unidentified.