Watch: Man Snatches Bag of Taxi Passenger Through the Unlocked Door (Video)

To be safe from snatchers and other bad elements in the streets, always lock the door when you are inside a vehicle. Unfortunately, a taxi driver and his lady passenger seemed to have forgotten this advice, and a snatcher took advantage of the situation. Watch the video below, as a dashboard camera documents the entire incident.

As posted at Top Gear Philippines Facebook page, the video started when the vehicles stopped as the traffic light turns red. A huge truck is in the front-left side of the vehicle with the dashboard camera, while a white taxi is on the front-right side. Later, a young man wearing a sando and black and red cap appeared and looked at the taxi window.

A man inside the vehicle said, “Snatcher yan,” as the the young man approaches the right side of the taxi. Shortly, the robber opened the door of the taxi and snatched the bag of the poor passenger. A woman can be heard calling her mother’s attention of what’s happening, while the moved the dashboard camera to fully capture the incident.

After he got what he needed, the snatcher ran away, but the lady passenger got off the taxi and ran after him. A second later, the taxi driver also followed the snatcher, leaving his taxi cab in the middle of the street. A ladt inside the vehicle can be heard saying, “Bakit kasi hindi naka lock yung taxi nya?” (Why is the door of the taxi not locked?)

Apparently, netizens who watched the video have different reactions. Some of them blamed the taxi driver and the passenger for leaving the door unlocked. On the other hand, some netizens suggested that the driver of the vehicle with the dashboard camera should hit the snatcher instead of just watching him running in front of the vehicle.

But because the incident was believed to have happened in Tondo, or near Manila pier area, some netizens said that stopping the snatcher is not a good idea. However, the said area is noted to be a nest of street criminals such as snatchers. Therefore, the snatcher might have an accomplice or he himself has a deadly weapon with him.

After analyzing the situation, we at TN agree that the driver with the dashboard camera did not stop the snatcher. For us, the best way to help prevent such crimes is to always lock the door of your vehicle. In addition, increasing police visibility is a very big help. Incidentally, this is one of the major projects of incoming President Rody Duterte.

What do you think?