Watch: Man Proposes Marriage With 20 Luxury Cars, But Girl Still Says “No” (Video)

Girl rejects marriage proposal 20 cars

If you think all marriage proposals have a happy ending, you’re wrong. This can be proven by the video below, where a man in China can be seen arriving along with 20 luxury cars just to attract the woman. With the girl being surprised as her unnamed suitor proposes marriage to her, she rejected his offer and left him in red face.

First reported at Chinese website People’s Daily Online last week, the rejected marriage proposal happened in Shenzhen, South China. The woman is Peng Yang, a gorgeous contestant of Chinese reality TV dating show, “If You Are The One.” The two reportedly have known each other since childhood, but Peng only treats him just like her brother.

As you can see on the video, the luxury cars include a Mercedes-Benz and a Ferrari. The man reportedly hired people to capture the entire event on camera, as he did not expect that he will end up brokenhearted. As he knelt down in front of the “girl of his dreams” and offered her a bouquet of flowers, his most embarrassing moment happened.

“Why do you have to do that? I beg of you, please stand up! There are so many people looking!” Peng Yang told him, as people began to flock around them and took videos. Shortly after, the 27-year old reality TV star immediately left him in shock. She later admitted to news reporters that she has many suitors but has not yet found her Prince Charming.

As of posting, the identity of the man is not known. However, some commentators said that the scene might be staged or scripted, and that the man might be an actor, considering that the girl is a known celebrity in China. On the other hand, other commentators said it could be real because the reaction of the girl looks genuine.

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