Watch: Man Asks Woman a Very Simple Math Question, Her Reaction was Epic (Funny Video)

Gril 80 miles per hour question reaction

Admit it, there are some simple math questions that we thought are difficult to answer, simply because we are thinking too deep. This is what happened to a woman when she asked by a man a very simple math question. The video below explains everything, but let me discuss it for you.

Uploaded by Banaz MZ, the YouTube video features a beautiful woman named Lauren and is being asked by boyfriend named Dave. The title is in Spanish “Cuando le preguntas a tu Novia lo que no puede entender,” and its rough English translation is “When you ask your girlfriend so you cannot understand.”

On the said video, Dave asks Lauren a very simple math problem – “If a car is traveling at 80 miles per hour, how long would it take to do 80 miles?” The woman seems confused with the question, so she asks her boyfriend to repeated, and he did. It took some seconds before she reacted, but apparently she’s still confused.

So, Dave repeated the question for the third time – “If a car is traveling at 80 miles per hour, how long would it take to do 80 miles?” At last, the woman has an answer – 8 minutes! And yes, she was so confident that her answer is correct. When the man asks her how she got her answer, she said, “8 divided by 10.” Now, I’m starting to laugh. 🙂

For the fourth time, the man repeated the question slowly and very patiently. This time, it took more than 1 minute for the girl to answer, and ended up giving the same answer she gave earlier – 8 minutes! But when the man asked her if she was sure about her answer, it took awhile before she replied, “I don’t know.”

The scene becomes funnier when the woman asks the woman where the car started and ended. Obviously, her question is not related to the problem. I’m glad the man was able to control his laugh. But what’s even more funnier is when she asks another question, “So how far is 80 miles?” Now, I really can’t help but laugh! 🙂 🙂

And after some computations in her mind, the woman gave another answer – 2 hours! When the man says her answer is wrong, she gave another one – 1 hour and 45 minutes! And because her answer is still incorrect, she started to get irritated. (Sorry Lauren, but I am laughing even harder this time. 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

“Why are you even asking me this question?” Lauren asked, obviously with an unhappy face.

“Cause I’ve seen it on the Internet…and it’s funny.” Dave replied.

And because Dave knows that Lauren is starting to get mad, he asked her again the same question. But this time, he mentioned that it can be a car, or a bike, or a bus, hoping that this will give her some hints that the question is very simple. Lauren then spends longer time in thinking, and said, “1 hour and 45 minutes? 10 minutes?”

Hearing her answers, Dave could not help anymore and began to laugh. Lauren, who is starting to explode her brains out, started to laugh too. She even thought Dave already gave her the correct answer, so she insisted that the right answer is 80 minutes. Dave can be heard laughing so hard as the video ends.

We don’t know if Lauren ended up answering correctly, or probably she broke up with Dave after he told her the right answer. What we are very sure is that Lauren made our day. The entire video is as funny as hell! In fact, I’m still laughing so hard as I write this article. So, thank you, Dave and Lauren! That was really funny!

If you don’t know the answer, then you should start laughing at yourself. 🙂 🙂 🙂