Watch: Maine Mendoza Surprises Mendoza Family Reunion in Emotional Lady’s Choice Commercial (Full Video)

Yes, Maine Mendoza’s latest TV commercial (TVC) for Lady’s Choice is so emotional especially this Christmas season. As we all now, Filipino families are fond of family reunions, and the Mendoza clan is among them. But what it makes more emotional is that Maine made a surprise visit to them even if she is not related to any of them. Watch the full video below.

The 3-minute 2015 Lady’s Choice TVC starts with the statement, “Masarap talaga mag-reunion ang Pinoy (Filipino reunions are special). Then, some members of the Mendoza family can be seen preparing the place where the reunion will be held. Shortly, a certain Alice Mendoza tells the camera that their mother always insisted that the family will come together.

Then, a certain Rico Mendoza says that there are 11 siblings in their family, adding that they are happy during Christmas. Old photos of their family were shown, as another sister named Espi noted that family bonding is the most important aspect, especially that it only happens once a year. Blue T-shirts printed with “Masaya maging Mendoza” (It’s happy to be Mendoza).

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Later, younger members of the Mendoza family said they are also excited to attend to their family reunion, adding that everybody is busy doing their part in the preparation for the big day. And because sumptuous dinner plays a big part in every party, some bottles of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise (obviously!) are shown in the commercial being used by the family.

Then, Mendoza family members from abroad arrived in the scene, bringing along their small children. Before they eat, everyone wore their reunion t-shirt and there were some parlor games, which everyone enjoyed. But while they are eating and chatting to each other, a yellow car slowly arrives. Everyone was excited to see who’s inside – Maine Mendoza.

“Mendoza rin po kasi ako, pwde po bang maki reunion sa inyo?” (I’m also a Mendoza, can I join your family reunion?) Maine told the cheering Mendoza clan, and they went wild and screamed on top of their voices. The succeeding scenes are full of fun and excitement as Maine joined them in selfies and singing, and showing her famous signature ‘pabebe wave.’

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We at TN think that it is the best Maine Mendoza commercial so far. Besides the fact that it’s very Pinoy, the plot is unique considering that there are a lot of actors and product endorsers with a very common surname. The story line is simple but definitely touches the heart of every Filipino, especially the OFWs who seldom see their families. Congrats to Maine and Lady’s Choice.

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